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Not every dog & handler team needs extra training help with a training tool. But for those that do, sometimes for just a short period of time after adopting a dog or to get through puppyhood, it can mean the difference between keeping their dog or choosing to rehome due to frustration. I have worked with countless rescue dogs, my passion, and I can tell you sometimes these tools are used to keep them safe while we work with them to get them through their fear & fight or flight times.
The absolute basics every dog needs is a collar, with ID & Rabies tags attached, and a 4-6 foot leash. If you plan to travel your dog in the car, even to the vet’s office then a well fitting harness and a snap in, adjustable seat belt is necessary to keep a new dog from running around the car and ending up in the middle of your lap and steering wheel. Small breeds and puppies could be contained in a small wire or airline crate until they get better at traveling and learn to wear a harness and seat belt for safety.
Next we step up to actual training tools that help dogs understand cause and effect. These tools must be used in conjunction with basic training. These tools can range from special collars to harnesses and even leashes. Everything I use is meant to be force-free and requires the human to use it properly for them to be effective. They are not meant as quick fixes, magic wands or an easy out for the human. They are simply used to lessen the stress and tug-0-war at either ends of the leash.

Updated: December 28, 2018 — 5:22 pm

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