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Group Classes

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Basic Manners

6 weekly sessions, 45 minutes each


This class is where it all starts. You will learn the needed safety basics to include: Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leash Walking & mental enrichment.

CGC, Canine Good Citizen

4 weekly sessions, 45 minutes each


This class is to help you understand what is included in the AKC Canine Good Citizen 10 point test. The class includes one (1) test after the class is complete. This is a full pass or fail. If further testing is required there will be a $15 fee to set up the next testing date. Dog & handler must complete at least one (1) Basic Manners class or prove all Basic Manners listed in Basic Manners class in a schedule assessment.

Rally Intro

6 weekly sessions, 45 minutes each


Rally is a great sport for any & all dog & handler teams to have fun together. Anyone, at any physical level can compete in this sport with any dog from a Yorkie to a Great Dane or mix breed. You can do this for fun or in competition with AKC or APDT. This is also what I use for Advanced Manners because it has so many practical applications when you are out in public with your dog. Dog & handler must complete one (1) Basic Manners class or prove all Basic Manners listed in the Basic Manners class in a scheduled assessment.

Rally Advanced

6 weekly sessions, 45 minutes each


Rally Advanced is for the dog & handler team that wants to compete in this dog sport and gain their 3 levels of titles with AKC or the APDT structure.

Video Chat Training

6 weekly sessions, 45 minutes each

$80/per student

This class allows a group of individuals, who would otherwise have to travel great distances to come to a class, to get instruction via various video chat formats. Students will meet at a designated location and need to have access to the internet and a good sized screen and possibly chairs, depending on the individual student

Video Chat Training


$80 for 2 hours

This is a private consult to get help with a situational behavior issues, help bringing home a new puppy that cannot go into a class setting yet or getting a new rescue dog settled into a new home. This is done via video chat on various platforms in the comfort of your home.

Video Chat Training

Rescue Assessment & Training tips

FREE to the Rescue or Foster

Any Rescue can reach out to me for help and advise and even a training session for any dog in their care. There is no limit of time or session count. If the dog is in foster care, the rescue need to reach out to me with the foster's name and phone number and I will contact them to set up a video chat session. FREE! FREE! FREE!
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