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What is Flex Schedule Training

What would you say if you could not only AFFORD dog training, but you could also do it on YOUR schedule & NEVER miss a session ever again?

That is exactly what Flex Schedule Training is all about. First you will sign up for a class, usually six sessions, and you will pick what day of the week you want. But just because you choose Tuesday the first week does not mean you are stuck with Tuesdays every week.

If you have a prior obligation, just choose Wednesday or Thursday that week. Need to take a week off because of a planned vacation or unplanned illness? No problem, you have 10 weeks to complete 6 sessions (one session per week).

Flex Schedule Training is about you and your dog advancing on your time, not preset and prescribed weekly classes where your dog might be bored waiting for the others in a class to catch up or you feeling like something is wrong because your dog takes a little longer to learn a strong Stay.

No more boredom while you wait for everyone to achieve the skill. Also if you are struggling on one skill, you have time to practice a little more if needed.

Another benefit of Flex Schedule Training is the personal touch. I keep a log of what we discuss, learned and loaner training tools if needed. You in turn will get a Homework card to remind you what we worked on in class.


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