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Edible Mind Games

I talked a lot in this episode about several different things and because I tend to ramble and jump from one thing to another and I am just trying to get the hand of this talking to myself thing when I am recording, here is list of things I went over in this episode. Then you can go and listen to the episode by clicking here

Here is my list of things that are fun Edible Mind Games:

Lick Mats

Snuffle Mats

Kong Original

Rolled Towel Game

Busy Buddy toys

Nylabone, edible and nonedible

Hooves, Horns & Antlers

Beef soup/stew raw (frozen) bones

Ice Cube YumYums

Some ingredients I used in the Lick Mats, Kong, beef bones & event the hooves & horns are: Yogart, pate dog food, cottage cheese, peanut butter, pumpkin puree, any fruit or vegetable puree, smashed banana, mashed potatoes. Use your imagination and your dogs palette to help you change it up from time to time. Kong’s website also has several recipes that you can try in the bones, hooves and horns.

For the Ice Cube YumYums I start with a silicone ice cube tray that makes the really big fat ice cubes and I put in a couple baby carrots, couple green beans, blueberry, raspberry or blackberry or some peas. Then I fill it with any kind of broth and freeze it for 3-4 hours. If you are using a beef or chicken broth and it is not low in salt, you will want to mix it 50/50 with broth and water first then pour over the veggies/fruit.

Here are a couple stuffing recipes to get you started:

1 can pure pumpkin

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 cup plain yogart

Blend/mix and pour into ice cube trays, smear on to lick mats or stuff in raw bones & Kongs…..Freeze….Serve


1 cup cherrios

2 cups plain yogart

1 cup any berry or small chunk veggie

Blend/mix ad pour into ice cube trays, smear on to lick mats or stuff in raw bone & Kongs….Freeze….Serve

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